Monday, March 19, 2007

More Son News

And this is a followup to the post about my son's recent visit.

Daniel just received the official invitation to the PhD program in bioinformatics at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center here in Denver, and he accepted. So he'll be moving back here at the end of the summer and will be in Denver for the next two-three years.

After that, of course, who knows?

If I'm remembering correctly, he got acceptances from Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, and the University of Illinois Chicago Circle campus (where his grandfather finished his academic career as head of the English department).


Chris said...

That's fantastic!

David said...


We're rather happy. :)

Lahdeedah said...

What is it with parents?

First, they try to get rid of the kids.

Then, they hope the kids come back...

ha ha ha just teasing. I know my hubby's mom is thrilled we're here with the grandkids and all that.

David said...

It's all in how you define 'rid of" and "come back".

I'll admit that when Daniel moved out, the house seemed remarkably much bigger and quieter, but that didn't require his moving to another city!

When he comes back, he'll come back to his own place, so we'll have the best of both worlds -- our kid here in town, and the house still bigger and quieter.

Except that, as soon as he left, it started getting smaller again. The new space filled up.

gary said...

Funny how that happens. Kind of like my waistline ... tree rings around my trunk.

David said...

You mean, if someone took a core drilling of your waistline, they'd be able to calculate your age? :)

gary said...

Absolutely, unless global warming continues unabated and and my waistline melts down to nothing.

Fat chance!