Thursday, February 22, 2007

Son Visit

Our son, Daniel, who has been in Minneapolis, in graduate school at the U. of Minnesota, will be back in Denver this weekend, courtesy of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

In addition to Minnesota, he applied to the PhD programs at a few other schools, the Health Sciences Center being one of them. When he left Colorado, the local program in bioinformatics was just getting under way and wasn't very impressive, but it's been considerably beefed up since then. He's doing biostatics at Minnesota, but he started out in bioinformatics, and I think there's a big part of him that still gravitates toward that field.

The Health Sciences Center flew him and a few other candidates into town for the weekend for a mutual dog-and-pony show. We won't see him till Sunday, and we're eager to see how he feels after a weekend of being treated well and being back in his hometown. There will, however, be absolutely no parental pressure of even the most subtle variety. This is our solemn vow, sworn on the altar of progressive parenthood. I can't swear for our unconscious minds, however.

Daniel did receive an acceptance from the PhD program (biostatistics, I think) at Ohio State U. in Columbus, so he does that have that waiting, at any rate.

Oh, blog-relevant addition. Daniel and I coauthored two novels and have always wanted to do more together. His time is overly full and probably will be for years yet, but if he did decide to squeeze in another collaboration, it would be much, much easier to do so if he were living in Denver again. So while that's not a factor in his decision, it might be an effect of it.

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