Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An exciting morning at Starbucks

I dropped Leonore off at the campus this morning. She had only one tutoring student today, so I went to a nearby Starbucks to have bad coffee and read a good book. A young man came in with his bicycle, bought something, and left. Shortly after, he came staggering in asking us to call 911. Someone had stabbed him and stolen his bicycle.

A customer who seemed to know what he was doing sprang to help. He got the guy's t-shirt off, revealing a bleeding hole in his side, helped him to a chair, and pressed a towel to his side. Blood, blood, blood. Police and local security guards showed up, including the campus police for some reason. Lots of phone calls and stuff. Ambulance showed up. The medics helped the guy to his feet and walked him out to the ambulance. I don't know why they didn't do something for him there. He was moaning and saying he couldn't breathe. I assume his lung had been punctured and/or was filling with blood. There wasn't as much blood as I would have expected; there also wasn't any bubbling from the wound.

I heard someone say that the victim warned the man helping him that he had Hep C. There was blood on the chair, on the small table he was sitting at, on the floor ...

The police put yellow Crime Scene tape outside and had the barristas lock the door. They took statements from everyone. It all took a while.

So the poor guy has Hep C, a serious wound, and his bike is gone.

Friday, January 18, 2013

If only TV writers knew even a tiny bit of history

Oh, this pisses me off.

NBC will be doing a new series titled Dracula:

The series centers on the famous vampire, who poses as an American entrepreneur called Allen Grayson. He travels to 1890s London, where he attempts to "bring modern science to Victorian society."

You dumb shits. Where do you think modern science began? Why don't you read up on the attitudes of the Victorians toward everything new and interesting, instead of relying on absurd Hollywood stereotypes?