Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Business Secrets from the Stars

Is one of the books that went up at as an e-book. A fairly long excerpt is posted on that site - something they seem to do for a lot of their e-books.

Reading that excerpt, I find myself feeling again that it's a damned good book and that it should have been the one that did the job for me. Ah, well. It's silly and pointless, of course, to continue mourning a given novel's lack of success.

And I really am largely over that failure, thanks to the passage of time, working on Time and the Soldier, and this blog.

Now if I can just get the damned taxes done, so that I can back to TimeSold.


gary said...

Perhaps the failure is in not implementing your own genius. Given the gullibility of the workaday android, you could make a fortune touting channeled wisdom to the masses, get rich in a hurry, retire directly and devote more time to writing the sequel, which with all your added insight (having grown filthy rich on your own advice) would surely propel the book right to the top of the bestseller list.

Personally, I enjoyed the book immensely -- especially considering the inveterate stupidity of Bushco and his corporate cronies. No doubt others enjoyed it, too.

In my opinion, the book was a complete success. It was a home run hit in a ball park mostly empty and that is not your fault. There is a reason why W. owned the Texas Rangers. He's great at playing to a mindless crowd. But drive home a run based on substance and few people if any are willing to pay the money to contemplate their own emptiness.

I'm off to watch American Idol now.

David said...

Thanks, Gary!

I know that you liked BizSec. So did Leonore and the reviewer at the Denver Post.

Daniel was lukewarm, but his girlfriend loved it. She said she read it aloud to a friend, and they were both falling on the floor with laughter.

Which was the intent, so it's a success artistically.

I'm glad you're feeling up to posting. Have fun with American Idol. :)