Monday, October 04, 2010

How We Became Breast Cancer Thrivers

This is a new free ebook. It’s a collection of essays by breast cancer survivors who have a positive attitude about their experience with the disease. Leonore is one of the contributors; her piece is on pages 73-70.

The book was edited by Beverly Vote, who publishes The Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine. You can read about the book on our Web site or on the magazine’s site. If you go to the magazine’s site, click on the link titled “Download E-Book” in small print to the right of the cover image. That opens the PDF version of the book, which is much easier to read than the digital version that the “View Now” link takes you to.

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Leonore Dvorkin said...

Corrections to what David wrote:
My essay is on pp. 73-79 of the book.
The magazine Beverly Vote publishes is called BREAST CANCER WELLNESS.
- Leonore Dvorkin