Monday, November 03, 2008

Interviewed by NPR

Sort of.

Today, I went over to the main post office in downtown Denver. Outside the P.O., I was approached by a man who identified himself as an NPR reporter and asked if I had a few minutes to answer some questions. He wanted to know where I lived, if I was registered as a Dem or Rep, whom I was voting for, and why. So I babbled on and on about the wonderfulness of Obama and how important it is for the future of America, the world, and the entire galaxy that he be elected.

And that was it. Will it show up on NPR at some point as a Babbling Man in Street Interview? Did he delete it as just too awful? Dunno. I do know that afterwards I realized I should have spelled out my name and the URL of my Web site, and I should have said, "And my books are available on!" Darn.


Chris said...

Yep. Shoulda mentioned the books. Or maybe worked in a little something about the secret alien-to-government broadcasts you picked up on your fillings, just for good measure, right before you told him how much you like McCain.

David said...

Oh, I wish I'd thought of that!