Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sign thieves in the night

Once again, some cowardly Republican pile of shit stole our Obama sign last night. This time, the scum replaced the sign with a McCain sign.

Instead of pulling it up, Leonore went out with a scissors and sliced the McCain sign to ribbons. So it's there, advertising our feelings, next to the Udall sign, which the slimeball didn't steal.

If the mangled McCain sign gets replaced during the night with a whole one, I think I'll try putting a big circle with a line through it, using black marker, unless the marker won't work on that surface.


Daniel Dvorkin said...

WTF is wrong with these people?

Oh, right. Republicans. Never mind.

Daniel Dvorkin said...

If I were still an energetic 19-year-old infantryman, I'd volunteer to set up a neatly camouflaged position next to the house and keep watch all night, and then ... explain the American political system ... to whatever chickenhawk moron thinks this is the way to express his ill-conceived views.

Unfortunately, sleep-deprived 39-year-old grad students aren't nearly as well suited for such work.

Vanessa said...

Hi David. It's Vanessa. Dan posted about the sign thieves on Livejournal. You guys need to do this: