Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Recursive Blogging

This is getting strange.

My post about the search terms people used to get to vampire stuff on my Web site has resulted in people getting to that blog post via similar terms. So in searching for, say, vampire sex they got a blog post about people searching for vampire sex.

The post about the Web site and blog hits from Turkey has resulted in blog hits from people doing searches involving the word Turkey. There have also been a couple of cases of hits from Turkey where the exit click was to the Turkish site which has the translation of my unemployment essay - what started that thread in the first place.

It seems inevitable that this post will result in hits on the blog by people searching for information about looking for stuff on blogs.

Or something like that.


Lahdeedah said...


I'm still on the 'you wrote about zombies' line and 'vampires...' I thought it was just me, but I"m glad to see you can gross yourself out with your writing, and that you also just HAD to write about vampires just cuz....

...well... the difference being you... um WROTE the damn novels, and I'm just starting out....

how old were you when you first got published? JUST CURIOUS.... after your age post I'm thinking since I didn't hit it at 25... DOOOOM

David said...

Cuz vampires have a strange allure. As long as they can avoid stakes and sunlight, their lives are a lot more entertaining than ours. Hmm. Suddenly I'm thinking of a humorous short story about a squeamish vampire who can't stand the sight of blood. I wonder if that's been done?

I was 33 when my first novel was published. If I'm remembering correctly, that was about the average age for a first novel at that time, but I suspect the average age is older now. It's much, much harder to break in -- or stay in! -- now than it was then.

Chris said...


I've not had nearly enough coffee to fully comprehend the ramifications of this self-perpetuating folding of the internet on itself as described in your post, but my first impression (as a scientist, of course) is that this could cause some sort of catastrophic rift in the time-space continuum. That being the case, I've decided to alert the president. Perhaps by writing my warning on something shiny.

And do you mean to tell me you know NOTHING about vampire sex? I fear I've been wasting my time here.

David said...

All the secrets of vampire sex are revealed in my two books, Insatiable: A Boy Vampire Comes Of Age and Unquenchable: More Throats Are Ripped.

Warning: contains adult sexual content.

Order now, and we'll include, at no extra charge, the Fangster (TM, Patents Pending). It slices, it dices, it slashes, it mashes, it drains! Note: Not suitable for use on non-meat products.

John A. Karr said...

How come vampires are so horny?

My zombies get busy, but not that often.

David said...

Zombies can't get too busy because important parts might fall off, as in the wonderful movie Dead Alive. Vampires just keep healing!

One thing I think vampires represent is appetite that doesn't need to keep itself in check. They're superhumans with no ethical restraints, and equipped with superhuman appetites. Which therefore includes sex, the appetite most humans spend much of their time thinking about.