Sunday, June 10, 2007

Anyone Read Turkish?

This blog has been getting hits from various places in Turkey. Some of them come from my Web site, and the hits there are coming from a discussion forum in Turkey, where a long post ends with my Web site's URL. I'd love to know what it's all about.

The Turkish post in question is here.

Maybe someone from Turkey who ended up here because of that post will enlighten me.


MS said...

Dear David,

Your comments about "Unknown benefits of unemployment" is translated into Turkish and published by a career site "" including the address of the blog. By the way thank you for your blog. It gives me different view to the working life and relaxes. Regards.

Anonymous said...

Translation of yous this essay in Turkish.

And the other one;

David said...

Thanks, ms and anonymous. I appreciate the explanation.

I'm delighted that that essay has shown up on the Web in another language. The wonders of the Internet!

Chris said...

That's fascinating!

Of course, it would be all the better if it were followed by many a Turkish Lira in royalties...

David said...

It would be very cool to have my books available in Turkish.

My first novel came out in German and Italian, as well as in a UK edition. That's all I can remember.

My Star Trek books came out in a few languages, including Hebrew, but that used to be common with Star Trek novels.