Thursday, November 24, 2011

Obligatory Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness Post

Okay, I'll join the crowd and say what I'm thankful for. More to the point, since I’m an atheist and therefore don’t believe in a supreme being or other divine or supernatural force, I’ll say whom I’m thankful to.

I'm thankful to Leonore for my wonderful marriage and daily happiness. I'm thankful to a bunch of 17th and 18th century political philosophers for the system we live under. I'm thankful to Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson for Social Security and Medicare. I'm relieved, rather than thankful, that the tides of politics have kept the Republican Party, that well of vileness, from destroying those two programs. So far.


teeth whitening strips said...

We don't have thanksgiving day here. So I guess that's something to be thankful for

Leonore Dvorkin said...

Ditto to all that you said, David. I thank YOU for being such a wonderful husband! - Leonore

Pawan Kumar said...

your to the point crystal clear well structured blogs could not resist me reading the stuff here when I firstly started reading your blogs.loved your the arm and flanagan the most...:-)