Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I think vile is becoming one of my favorite words.

It so perfectly describes the moral foundation of certain movies – e.g., The English Patient, Like Water for Chocolate – and political movements like the Tea Bagger idiots and the contemporary Republican Party.

Then there are the Promise Keepers and the Dominionists. Vile.

The National Rifle Association. Vile.

Free Republic. Vile.

No doubt the list could be a lot longer.

And of course the word is an anagram for evil. Coincidence? Yeah, right.


Charles said...

how about "insidious"?

i think of vile as an olfactory word for some reason.... not sure why but i use it mostly to describe un-appealing odors or tastes...

saw you commenting on another blog, just figured i'd pop in.

David said...

That's interesting. To me, foul is olfactory, but vile is more general.

Those things I listed are all insidious and foul, too, come to think of it.

Charles said...

lol. you really are a pinko!

I like the little word count graph on your blog here... although my project is nearly complete so it wouldn't do any good for my current book....

but if anything goes right, i'll write something else... where would i procure such a gadget?

David said...

I made that myself using Excel.