Saturday, May 01, 2010

Second Smashwords book

Business Secrets from the Stars, which is currently available in trade paperback and hardcover from Norilana Press, but not in e-book form. I’ve put it up on SW:

I’m really pleased with the cover I created. Click on the image for a big version.


Anonymous said...

Smashwords is great - but Kindle books sell better. Can you make them available for Kindle on the Amazon site?

David said...

Yes! That's one of the reasons I like Smashwords. Their software converts your Word file to various formats, including Kindle, and they ship the books to B&N, Amazon, Sony, Apple iStore, and some others. So it's just one place for the author, and you don't have to worry about the different formats. SW takes care of that for you.

Now, our books haven't shown up in any of those places yet, so far as I can tell. But it does say on Smashwords that it generally takes a few weeks for that to happen, after they ship the books out.