Thursday, December 17, 2009

WIPing along, again

I’ve been working fairly steadily on the Work In Progress, working title Chains, as you can see from the graph on the right.

The stepwise nature of the graph isn’t what I’d like to see. The steps are the result of long periods of little or no productivity, until recently. It would be great if the line on the graph were fairly straight and at a 45 degree angle – or even better, around 60 degrees.

Better than flatlining, though.


Anonymous said...

Had I a graph, it would look similar to yours. I'm currently on a step, though.

David said...

I'm hoping that progress will be steady enough from now on that, by the time I finish the book, the whole graph will look like a straight line at an impressive angle.

But that's probably overly optimistic.

Anonymous said...


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