Monday, October 19, 2009

Hate mail

In response to this essay on our Web site:

I read your mindless 'manifesto'  (sounds SO euro-for the people!)

You liberals are such wandering and aimless idiots. Your ultimate goal is nothing short of eradication of all the moral values of TRUE Americans, those who pattern themselves after the original revolutionaries who established this great country.  

Your only hope is in sheer numbers, since you fail miserably in moral fiber, original ideas and true partisanship.  You fools have no idea what it takes to build UP a country, only what it takes to tear one down.  And an that you're minions are doing a hell of a job!

Credit where due: This one was actually written in English.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

So jealous! I haven't gotten hate mail in soooo long!

David said...

That's a really old essay. I thought its hate-mail days were over.

Chris said...

I can only assume a lack of moral fiber leads to constipation of the soul, which explains why we heathens are gonna be stuck here on earth when, come the Rapture, the souls of the righteous leave their bodies and float on up to heaven.

David said...

Ah, yes, that could be.

I'd make the old joke about us getting their cars, but I bet their cars are disproportionately Hummers and other such monsters that I wouldn't want.

Anonymous said...

TRUE Americans. Hm.