Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oh, no, the Mormons posthumously converted my Holocaust-victim grandmother!

They probably did, since they've been doing that to Holocaust victims. And others, including, we now learn, Obama's mother. And they've been doing it secretly. Lying about it to the world. Bunch of slimeballs.

Rather, that's what they think they've done. What they've actually been doing is performing a silly, religious - oops, that's redundant! - ritual based on their particular set of fairy tales.

Speaking as an (angry! aggressive!) atheist, the religious rituals performed by Mormons mean as little to me as the religious rituals performed by undiscovered tribes deep in the Amazon rainforest or by Martians, if there are any Martians and if they perform religious rituals. Fairy tales are fairy tales. My grandmother and other members of the family died at the hands of madmen about 70 years ago; that was the tragedy and the crime, and nothing the Mormons do now has any effect on her.

The sleaziness is despicable, but that's about it. Beyond that, you can only get upset if you believe in the fairy tales.


TGirsch said...

Egad! The headline, it burns! I'm reporting you!

TGirsch said...

No fair, you fixed it without comment! :)

David said...

I deserve to be reported for that.

No comment because I was out of town. I looked at my blog when I had Internet access and got a case of the vapors, so I fixed it right away, feeling appropriately humiliated.

I used to sneer at people who made that error. Lately, I catch myself making it (or don't catch myself). Seeing it everywhere has infected me.