Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pregnant woman running from bear hit by car

Really. It's an actual story in today's Denver Post.

And it was a hit and run, to boot.


Kristen said...

What the hell did they kill the bear for?


Stupid people in their stupid cars not stopping.


David said...

Hmm, that's odd.

The part about killing the bear was added since I originally read the story. At that time, it said only that they were searching for the bear.

There may a regulation in place concerning bears that actively attack humans. I think that usually bears that behave menacingly are collared and relocated in remote areas, and if they go back to where humans are and repeat the behavior, then they're killed. It could be that this bear was such a repeat offender.

David said...

There's another detail that wasn't there before. She saw the bear and started running, which is what you're not supposed to do. That triggers a hunting reflex in bears, and perhaps in other predators. You're supposed to talk calmly to the bear and back away slowly - which of course is easier said than done under such circumstances.

The article says it was a brown bear, but I assume they mean it was a black bear of a brownish shade. There aren't supposed to be any brown bears in Colorado nowadays, and if that one is indeed a brown bear, then that's an important story in itself.

TGirsch said...

Jesus, how many points do you get for that?

David said...

I don't know, but if the driver had managed to hit the bear, too ...