Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sitting here proofreading Business Secrets from the Stars in preparation for its reissue by Norilana Books, and I'm struck by the thought, "Dayum, this is good!"

Obviously, billlllllions of people didn't agree, the first time around. I wish I could think of some way to change their minds for the second try.


Chris said...

Have you considered having eight babies, selling a U.S. Senate seat, or maybe developing (or making up) and then kicking some sort of substance addiction? I hear those are good for getting big deals, which will then inevitably lead to big sales.

David said...

Babies are out.

I've fantasized about briefly being a big-time criminal, getting caught, and then having literary success.

Problem is, the criminal undertaking would have be something with no risk of physical harm, because I'm a coward. That leaves large-scale financial wrongdoing. However, anything to do with money leaves me bewildered.

I seem to be left with actually writing a book that will sell well on its own merits! Jeez. Life is so complicated.

Chris said...

Writing a book that will sell well on its own merits? Why, that might just be crazy enough to work!

Oh, and be sure to include some sparkly, nonthreatening vampires. I hear the kids go for that these days. Or maybe vampire wizards hunting religious artifacts!

(I'm ashamed to admit that I'd pay real dollars American to read that last one. Especially if they're being hunted by robots. Or dinosaurs. Or robot dinosaurs.)

David said...

Hmmm ...

Kristen said...

Get a really good cover. Like, one that's very plain, but with an upside down bird on it. That's why I bought "Lullaby."

And I've been told "Homefront"'s cover is a detractor, so as soon as I can afford it, it's getting a title and cover overhaul.

Yeah - snazzy cover, and then fake your own disappearance.

David said...

The cover is vital for a book that's being sold in a bookstore - assuming that the cover is turned out, and not just the spine. (But that's a Catch-22, because bookstores turn the covers out on books that they expect to sell well, and they show only the spines on the ones they don't.)

If it's only being sold online, then potential readers only see the cover if they're already looking for the book. If only millions of people were somehow browsing covers on Amazon!

Faking a disappearance - hmm, that might make people look at the book on Amazon.