Friday, January 30, 2009

The wackos are still in control

Or at least, they're still have far too much power.

According to this article, at the upcoming Superbowl, the Transportation Security Administration "will be scrutinizing the body language and demeanor of fans as part of the effort to spot suspicious and possibly dangerous people in the crowd."

This is pseudoscience. All the training of law-enforcement personnel in body language is rubbish. Don't believe anything you hear about the significance of eye movements or the use of "uh" in sentences. It's as solidly based on actual data as is astrology.

These are the same sincere but deluded and not very bright twits who are watching people in the security lines at airports for signs of nervousness. Because of course only a possible terrorist would be nervous while lining up to have his bags and possibly rectum searched by the TSA so that he can shuffle along to his airplane along with the other cattle so that he can be crammed into a flying sardine can that hasn't been adequately serviced since the last time a Democrat was in the White House.

Shitheads. Obama, get on this.


Chris said...

Hmmm... I'm forced to wonder why you're so defensive about this all the sudden. Oh, and now you're frowning and folding your arms across your chest -- I think you're hiding something! Shaking your head in denial, eh? Only a criminal would deny being a criminal! And what's this? You weren't even BORN here? GUARDS!

Kristen said...

I just watched the show "Lie to Me," so I know you're wrong.

James A. Ritchie said...

Some how, I strongly suspect you haven't looked into the science of this at all.

Nope, terrorists are the only ones who are nercous. So are drug smugglers, those with untaxed merchandise, and a host of other reasons.

Pretty weird statements here, and not one fact or link showing any evidence at all that teh study of body language is unscientifc. Plenty to who you are, though.

Especially since you certainly go by body language in your own life.

What happened? Did you have a bad experience at the airport?

David said...

Kristen: I bet that's how the TSA plans to train their people - by having them watch that show!

Chris: Curses! Detected by a patriot! Must. Keep. Arms. By. Sides. And. Smile.

Ritchie: Far from the best driveby I've seen.

TGirsch said...

I just dealt with the security theater yesterday, on my way back from Quebec. At least the Canadians don't bother with the take-off-the-shoes nonsense, but they HAVE bought into the "no liquids" nonsense.

David said...

Not only are the wackos in control, they're also in close communication with each other.