Friday, December 12, 2008

Not in the neck! Aiiieee!

For quite some time now, in movies and TV shows, when a character is being given a drug against his will, the bad guys hold him down and jab a THREE-INCH-LONG NEEDLE INTO HIS NECK!

I don't know when this started. Perhaps it was about the same time when onscreen bad guys started holding their pistols sideways. I do know that, although I've had a lot of stuff injected into me over the years, it's always been done into a largish muscle. I've never had anyone jab a SIX-INCH-LONG NEEDLE INTO MY NECK!

Is this ever done in real life by real medical personnel? Is there a good reason for it? It seems awfully dangerous to me.

When it happens onscreen, though, we see the character suffer the effects of the injected drug, but we never see him suffer any mechanical damage from having someone jab a FOOT-LONG NEEDLE INTO HIS NECK!

It gives me the creeps.

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Travis Erwin said...

My wife can't stomach to see anyone get a shot anywhere. On TV or otherwise.