Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blister Diaries

I started this blog as a way of making myself produce words on Time and the Soldier, the novel I was working on at the time. It worked, or at least I did write the novel.

Since then, this has turned into a place where I can share my wisdom with the world and solve all the world's problems. The world hasn't listened, so I'll just have to continue, except maybe now I'LL SHOUT!

Be that as it may, I do want to keep the pressure on myself to write. I've been doing moderately well on my current work in progress, Chains. The link "WIPing along" on the right goes to a graph showing progress in total words. So far, the slope of the line isn't too bad.


Alex Moore said...

and what is the news w/ Time and the Soldier?

David said...


Not that this is a good time to hope for anything to happen. Most agencies shut down for a week or two at the end of the year. Two different agencies requested the full ms. many months ago and haven't yet said anything about it. Or read it, probably. A couple requested partials, one of them ages ago.

Of course, I'm not thinking about it all. Concentrating on the next book. Time and the What? That sounds faintly familiar.

I've always been an incompetent liar.