Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Squamous cell carcinoma

If you must get skin cancer, that's the kind to get.

I had one on the top of my head, years ago. So far, no return on that one.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the dermatologist for my regular six-month checkup (a schedule I was strongly urged to get on after the squamous cell carcinoma on my head). I pointed out something on my knee. "Looks benign," she said, "but I'll cut it out and send it to the lab just to be sure." It came back positive, so now I'll be going in "for a little excision," as the voice on the phone put it.

The knee is not a good place to have chunks of you cut out. You have to keep bending it. I think I'll discuss working at home for a while, once that little excision has been done.


Chris said...

Best of luck, David. May your recovery be swift, and all future tests negative.

David said...

Thanks, Chris.

I'm paying the penalty for all those hours in the sun -- happenstance when I was a kid, deliberate later, when I spent summer days working on my "healthy" tan.

TGirsch said...

Best wishes. The good news is, if you're going to get cancer, then skin cancer, of whatever kind, is the kind to get. I'm sure you'll be fine, if a bit ouchy.

But frankly, I'm tired of cancer. I've lost an Uncle and a co-blogger/commenter to cancer within the last six months.

David said...

It probably will be ouchy. Where she cut out the biopsy sample is taking much longer to heal than those places have in the past, because it's on the knee and so the skin keeps getting stretched during the day. The larger "little excision" scheduled for next month will presumably take even longer.

I'll take sick leave for that day, and then I'll whine for many more days. That should help.

TGirsch said...

I'm a huge believer in the healing power of whining. :)

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