Saturday, November 08, 2008

The brilliance of Denver drivers

Car crashes into Denver home, driver bolts

Guy knocks over a telephone pole and damages a hous
e so badly that it has to be shored up to keep it from collapsing, then takes off running, leaving his smashed-up car lying on its side, license plate intact. "The cops will never catch me now!"

Maybe it was a stolen car.


Something is in the air! Last night, in a different part of Denver, a man drove a car into a Vietnamese restaurant.


Chris said...

That, or he was drunk. I wonder if the penalty for fleeing the scene is less than for driving while intoxicated.

David said...

That could be. But if it's his car, he'll still be caught, and then he'll be facing two serious charges.

Under the circumstances, he might not have been thinking very clearly.