Friday, July 04, 2008

Countdown to the end of the world!

With the skeery Large Hadron Collider activation counter.

Except that the date they were assuming when they set that up turned out not to be the actual date for activation of the LHC and Destruction of THE WORLD! That was delayed. But stay tuned, because the counter will be updated. Thus you will be kept informed and will have time to get all your affairs in order.

On second thought, why would you bother?


JTankers said...

In order for Earth to be in danger based on current assumptions, the following would need to be true:

- Micro black holes would need to be creatable at collider energies. This is unknown, but reasonably plausible according to the CERN Courier and CERNs public safety web site.

- Micro black holes would need to be stable and not decay. This is unknown, most physicists predict decay, though several PHDs of Math and Physics argue that decay is an open question.

- Micro black holes would need to grow quickly. This is also unknown, Dr. Otto Rossler theorizes that a micro black hole could become charged by capturing electrons "in orbit" outside its event horizon. 2008 LSAG Safety Report also accepts that if micro black holes were charged they would likely grow quickly.

The probability of danger is unknown, the legal action currently before US Federal Courts estimates high risk and cosmic ray impacts with Earth do not prove safety because results of cosmic rays pass through Earth and into space at nearly the speed of light. If colliders create micro black holes from head-on collisions, some percentage will travel too slowly to escape Earth's gravity.

David said...

Oh, dear, I didn't think anyone would take that post seriously. But in retrospect, that's understandable, given the number of alarmists.

jtankers, thanks for your concern, but we're on the same side. That page I linked to has a link to the main CERN LHC site, which includes a page debunking the alarms.