Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Letter to Hillary Clinton

We sent this tonight, via the form on her campaign's Web site. I sort of think it would have been improved if I'd had a Harrumph! or two in there.

Senator Clinton:

We are two lifelong Democrats, both in our sixties, white, and middleclass. We were staunch supporters of your husband throughout his presidency. When talk first began about you possibly running for president some day, we assumed we would support you, as well.

In 2004, we supported John Edwards, and we supported him this time until he suspended his campaign. By that point, we had begun to prefer Barack Obama as our second choice, but we both still felt that we would be happy to give you our money and our votes if you were to win the nomination. We no longer feel that way.

What has made the difference? Not policies but the tenor of your campaign. We have become disgusted with its nastiness and your whining and the vile and undisguised racism of some of your campaign functionaries. We're not alone in this reaction. Friends of ours who are also staunch Democrats have told us that they will never vote for you and that if you win the nomination, they'll either not vote at all or will vote for a third-party candidate.

Since we live in Colorado, which you have apparently written off as an unimportant "boutique state," perhaps this doesn't matter to you. If you're also a staunch Democrat, it should. If Senator Obama is the candidate, our party has a good chance of carrying this state and others in the Rocky Mountain West. As president, he would represent all races and regions of the country. Apparently, you don't aspire to do that.

Tonight, we will be donating money to the Obama campaign. We intend to donate more to his campaign in the future.

David and Leonore Dvorkin
Denver, Colorado


Chris said...

Hear, hear. I was such a fan of Bill, and until recently, I was delighted at the bounty of viable candidates on our side of the aisle (I caucused for Obama, but at the time it was a difficult choice -- I'm not one of the many who thought it was him or nothing). Had our caucus been later, I would have felt no such indecision. It seems she, like McCain, is willing to say or do anything to win (a lesson both learned from the current administration, an administration one should never use as a popsitive example).

At least she definitively proved one thing: a woman is perfectly capable of becoming a Good Old Boy. The problem is, we don't need another one in the White House.

David said...

I really had hoped for better this year.

Ah, well. I hoped that Gore would run. For that matter, 8 years ago, I assumed that in 2008 I'd be voting for Gore's successor. Who, come to think of it, might have Lieberman. Eek!

Lahdeedah said...

I thought I wouldn't mind Hillary.

I don't find her very motivational.

She really does remind me of a good ole boy, which is SO what we don't need.

So, Obama it is.

But yes, I hoped Gore would run too, but nooooo.....

Ironically, I know Die Hard (and by die hard I mean born, raised and drank the red kool aid) republicans who are voting democratic.

David said...

As I said in the letter, we (Dems, good guys, real Americans) have a good chance of carrying Colorado this year IF we have the right candidate.

So keep your hopes up.