Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fudge and Retirement

Fudge recipe.

I just made a batch and absentmindedly skipped the whipping step. Now it's not hardening, which may answer the question I've always had: Why is the whipping step necessary? This is great fudge, by the way. If you don't skip any of the steps.

And retirement. Still a long way away.


Lahdeedah said...

have you tried the fudge recipe on the back of the marshmallow fluff jars :)

So, remember the whole adage, "Writers write?"
I'm now writing a consistent three pages a day. I am reading The Artist Way for inspiration.

I hear this will get me a book done one day.

So tell me, if you got to stay home all day and write your own stuff, would you write more, or less?

David said...

Nope. This is the only fudge recipe I've ever tried. I don't have the courage to try another.

Three pages a day consistently is terrific! Good for you. At that rate, you'll have a book done in four months or less.

I'd write far more if I were a full time writer. There's so much I want to write, and I feel so limited - both because of time and because of depression/frustration/pessimism. Presumably, that combination wouldn't be affecting me if I were (re)established.