Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dangling and Squirming

Ew, that's an awful image! But, anyway.

I think it's now been about a month and three quarters since I sent the requested partial to the agent. According to the advice given here by the always amusing Nathan Bransford, the proper prodding period is one month.

The agent I want to prod would be a great match for what I write, so I don't want to be too proddy and annoy anyone. (And there's also that damned Britishish upbringing nattering in my ear about not annoying people.) What complicates things is that he's part of an agency that says in numerous places on its Web site that they don't want e-mail queries. I did the query and partial via snail mail, but what about a prod? Wouldn't e-mail be okay for that? Or would an e-mail be, just, you know, rather too too? (I never knew anyone who actually spoke that way, but the voice in my head does sometimes.) (I mean, it's a metaphorical voice! I don't really hear voices!) (Stop saying that!)

I feel like one of those divorced middleaged people who's trying to get back into the dating game, and all the rules have changed.

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