Friday, February 08, 2008

Bush deserves prison in this life and the lake of fire in the next

Prison in this life for what he's done to America and the eternal lake of fire* in the next for what he's done to Iraq.

In reality, though, come January 20, 2009 he'll smirk his way out of the White House and into a plush life in Dallas. I hope the next president will be a Democrat, and I assume that Democrat will be either Obama or Clinton, but what are the chances that the next president will order a full, aggressive investigation of the Bush Administration's evildoing? What are the chances that Dubya will ever suffer anything for what he's done?


Fucking depressing.

* I'm an atheist, but I fully understand the appeal of that idea.


Lahdeedah said...

I want to comment, but can't.

I'm too sad!

Chris said...

Four and a half hours.

That's how long I stood in line to caucus. The first two and a half hours were outside, in snow and freezing rain. And you know what? Not a single person left, as far as I could tell.

He may not end up in jail, but at least the tide has finally turned. I no longer feel like I'm screaming at a wall...

David said...

That's really admirable, Chris.

Whereas Republicans seem to be staying home.

No, I suppose he won't go to jail. Now I'm just hoping that the next president will be a Democrat and that he/she will open up the Bush years to complete and thorough scrutiny. Publicizing what happened would at least help.

Chris said...


Of course, what really scares me is the (admittedly slim) chance of a McCain/Huckabee ticket. I think the Dems are counting on the (massive, sarcastic air-quotes) "values-voters" staying home...