Monday, December 31, 2007

Can vegetables! First come first serve!

Not to mention license daycare.

This seems to be the latest fad mangling of English sweeping America. Am I imagining that at one time stores advertised canned vegetables? That daycare was licensed? That those who came first were served first? What happened to the final ed?

And do supermarkets have a special aisle for can't vegetables?


Lahdeedah said...

My store still has canned vegetables :)

However, it's usually first come, first serve.

Oh bah. I wanted to be witty and clever and come up with another misuse of the English language, but I haven't had enough coffee.

So, I just agree.

Chris said...

My question is, can vegetables WHAT? And which is it -- first come, or first serve?

David said...

You could interpret it to mean that the first arrivals have to serve first.