Friday, August 10, 2007

Good Things Happen to Nice People

See here.

Okay, so that doesn't work as a general rule. Too often, nice things happen to nasty people and nasty things happen to nice people. But it's nice to see it work the way it should every now and then!


Chris said...

Thanks so much, David.

Sometime, when I'm not too excited to sit at the keyboard, I'll write a post about how it came to pass. I think most everybody wants to hear a story about a chance encounter on the subway, or a recommendation from an author-friend. In my case, I sent a query. And waited. She requested a partial. I sent one. And then I waited. And so on, until today.

Kind of cool how it worked out; I didn't even know the secret handshake!

David said...


Well, on the one hand, you could make up an exciting story.

On the other hand, it would be encouraging to all of us to hear about someone making it by going through the normal, standard channels. Which are much more available to the rest of us than those chance subway encounters are!