Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gawking Rubes

And just a small selection of what they gawked at.

First, the obvious. I must have passed this 50 years ago, when I was a wee immigrant child on the deck of a ship heading towards Hoboken, but I was too entranced by the neon lights along the shore to notice the heavy, symbolic stuff. That had to wait for sober late middle age.

Meanwhile, back in the city. Here's a nice contrast between grand old showpiece and new glass and steel.

Leonore was intrigued by the Chrysler building and took oodles of photos of it.

Gnarly, man! This is a tree at Wave Hill, an estate on the banks of the Hudson River. Mark Twain and Toscanini both lived there. Handsome old buildings and lovely gardens, of both of which our photos aren't as good as I had hoped. You can look across the Hudson at the Palisades on the New Jersey side. Naturally, as a Coloradan, my main reaction was, "Good God! Lookit all the water!"

This is the famous Wall Street bull, posed as you don't normally see him. In real life, he isn't sitting there all alone. Tourists are crawling all over him. Also, he's not on Wall Street, but rather on Broadway, a couple of blocks south of Wall Street.

Rather undignified for the poor chap, don't you think? But he looks like he's about to get his revenge via his hind end.


Chris said...


I confess I'm not much for big cities, but NYC has always been the exception. It's the first city I ever saw that didn't disappoint, and I've always had a fantastic time there.

Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the pics. Hope to make the trip myself one day.

David said...

Leonore took so many pictures that she had filled up the card of her digital camera by the end of the trip. We didn't take her laptop, so we couldn't download them and empty the card. That was an oversight.

She hasn't had time to look through them and delete the ones she didn't like. I skimmed quickly and picked these out, but there are no doubt other good ones in there.