Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wind and Rain

Denver is experiencing a few days of on-and-off heavy, cold rain and high winds. Normally, that sort of thing lasts for an hour or two here. It's unusual for it to go on for hours on end, as it has today.

So I was walking from the office to bus stop after work today, feeling cold and wet and inadequately dressed, with my umbrella in one hand and my very heavy briefcase in the other (very heavy because I've been taking my antique laptop to work every day, so that I can write during lunch), trying to switch the umbrella and briefcase from time to time because the briefcase keeps trying to pull my arm off, dealing with winds constantly changing direction and strength.

I was crossing a street. In the middle, my umbrella turned inside out, and I staggered around dealing with that. By the time I reached the far sidewalk, not only had the WALK sign changed to WAIT, the green light had turned to red. (Surprisingly quickly. I suspect that the rain had done something to the light's timer.) I heard a loud honk. Looked up from fighting with my umbrella to see that the traffic in the street I was crossing had started moving, and one yob in an SUV was honking and gesturing angrily at me because I was in his way.

So I apologized immediately, as loudly as possible, in hopes that he would hear me over the rain and wind. It was the standard apology one uses in such cases. The one that begins with "F" and ends with "u!"

I do hope he heard me.


Lahdeedah said...

So um.

Yeah, those rainy days, I felt kinda let down, I mean, that's exactly what Washington was like....

...though despite that, I miss my year-round garden...

,....one day I will live in Vancouver... it's even windier and rainer than Washington, without the over-coffee'd, starbuck OD environment...

...So I hear.

David said...

And now it's summer. This is just a hint of the heat and sunshine to come. For those who like it ... this is what they like.

Ah, Vancouver! Sob. I'll probably never get to live there. I'll just have to be content with visiting occasionally. (Insert appropriate symbol of whiny self-pity.)