Friday, February 02, 2007

Mighty Snow Warrior

Take that, Mother Nature!


Lahdeedah said...

You are scaring me with your snow.

That doesn't look like the pictures in my 'Guide to Colorado' book. That looks like where they shot "Survivor Man, the Arctic."

And what do you mean, warming up, into the 20s? And you are wearing only a sweatshirt...

Methinks my blood is going to need to thicken...

So, and this may be because the only snow I've seen these past few years didn't reach my ankle, is this before or after you shoveled a path, and why can't I see the path?

David said...

I had a warm shirt and t-shirt on underneath the sweatshirt, and that's a wool cap on my head. Also, that's the effect of the Colorado sun, combined with the thin, dry air that doesn't cut down on the sun's power. You get remarkably warm remarkably quickly, as long as there's no wind.

I had finished shoveling the driveway and sidewalk, but the angle of that picture is from the front door over the snow on the lawn, so you can't see the cleared area.

On the other hand, this evening there were humongous wind gusts all around the area, strong enough to blow out the windows in cars and trucks on some highways.

On the third hand, it's still better than the Midwest or Houston, both of which I escaped from.

On the fourth hand, I'd still rather be living in Vancouver.