Monday, February 05, 2007

It's more than snow

It's also ice.

However, what the title refers to is my realization that I've probably given the impression that I've been battling snow and ice and not writing. In fact, I've been lugging my heavy old laptop to work every day (uphill both ways, against the wind, over the ice, fighting off the dire wolves) and writing during lunch. Except for the days when I work at home - normally Wednesday and Friday - when I've been using my lunchtime to do the snow-and-ice thang.

I won't talk about my writing progress in detail because I'll end up repeating the overly optimistic stuff I said in my first few posts on this blog, and that would be silly. However, it's really taking shape! It's really getting there! It's getting really close to being a final draft! Etc.

At least, with the snow, I can see progress. No, that's not quite true. I see progress while I shovel and chip away, but then at night there's a big refreeze and everything is undone. We've always had a problem in this neighborhood with heavy snows covering up the storm drains, so any snowmelt forms small lakes in every driveway and even covering the sidewalks, and that refreezes at night, making the morning walk to the bus stop really exciting. We're in a warmup now, and it's supposed to stay above freezing tonight and tomorrow night, so that should help. Also, the city sent some humongous machines our way. They broke up the ice (and, I fear, the street beneath) and piled it in the middle of the street, creating two narrow lanes with an impressive wall between them. A day or so later, more humongous machines showed up to haul away the ice. So now there's a chance that the melt will actually drain away.

My car is still stuck in ice and is immobile. This Wednesday, I'll try to free it again. Wed. evening, Leonore will be hosting her monthly Spanish conversation group meeting. A big crowd always shows up, rain (a rarity in Denver) or snow (not so rare, this winter), and we need to have parking spaces available on the street. I really want my car out of the way by then.

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Chris said...

Glad to hear it's coming along! The WIP, not the snow. Sounds like you've got your hands full, there.

Spanish conversation group, eh? Fascinating. I imagine you must have a translation or two of your books on the shelves -- ever pull one down and give it a read? That's gotta be a surreal experience...