Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Central Heat - My Cover

Oh, what the heck. I still haven't heard from Wildside about a publish date for the reissue and whether they'll be using my cover, so here it is:


John A. Karr said...

Hey, nice cover. Got a mix of science and scare. Looking forward to reading it.

Lahdeedah said...


Reminds me of those old world maps, sort of that whole mechanical-science vs. oh computer/new tech science. I know there's an actual word for it. I should ask my artist friend (because everyone should have an artist friend).

and has it stopped snowing yet?

David said...

The background is a drawing of the constellation Draco from a medieval astronomy text. Somewhere, I hope, I still have the name of the book.

The constellation Draco plays a minor role in the novel, so I wanted that for the background, and I wanted an illustration that had something both archaic and threatening to it.

It snowed again yesterday. Got bitterly cold - minus 18 officially, last night. But today it's sunny and in the twenties, and it's supposed to keep warming up, reaching around 50 by Wednesday.