Sunday, November 05, 2006

Okay, so what have I been doing? Not writing, obviously.

Last Tuesday, I spent an hour and a half at the dentist's office, having an old, cracked crown removed. Painless, really, except for the shot, and the new drills and saws and whatever he was using are virtually soundless. Nonetheless, I found myself shaky and depressed afterwards, and I realized it was a mild form of PTSD, resulting from the hours I used to spend in dentists' offices as a kid in South Africa, having my rotten teeth drilled with the old, slow, loud drills - and no effing anesthetic, because it was such a macho culture and they didn't believe in numbing you for anything short of an extraction. Fifty years later, I still remember staggering out onto the pavement, dizzy, disoriented, sick, and trembling. I not only remember, I feel it all over again, even after a dentistry session that should be non-traumatic. I should add that the dentist we have nowadays, Dennis Duvall, in Lakewood, Colorado, is outstandingly good, the best dentist either of us has ever had. Nonetheless, that reaction persists.

So I went home and e-mailed work that I was taking a sick day and sat around surfing the Web and feeling sorry for myself. Also drinking bourbon, one of mankind's greatest inventions, although not so great as beer, tea, and cheese. Then I wrote just over 300 words and felt as though I'd run a marathon.

Since then, I haven't written, but not because of the above dental thing, which I put here just because I wanted to whine about it. Instead, I've been obsessively reading news and political blogs about the upcoming midterm elections, feeling hopeful but fearing to hope. Will the fascist swine steal this election, too? Duh! Of course they will, to the extent they feel safe doing so. They don't dare lose, because a Democratic Congress, or even just a Democratic House, which is more likely, will surely hold hearings into their corruption and evildoing over the last few years. I hope those hearings include investigations of how the bastards stole the last three national elections (2000, 2002, and 2004), although I fear that the Democrats will once again make their old mistake of being gentlemen instead of going for the gonads.

When male wild boars do battle, the winner uses his tusks to castrate the loser. Hah, hah! Won't be seeing you here next mating season, sucker!

That's what I want the Democrats to do.

Metaphorically, of course.


Chris said...

Only metaphorically?

I agree, bourbon IS one of humankind's finest achievements, and I plan to consume copious amounts of it should the Dems fold like a cot once again this election cycle...

David said...

Hmm, maybe you're right. Maybe in saying metaphorically, I'm just being another spineless Dem.

No! Let's do it for real! Broadcast live on TV in prime time. We could have a system of bidding and betting by the viewers, with the money going to paying down the obscene national debt the swine have saddled us with.

And of course it would have a salutory effect on politically indecisive viewers. The swine would no longer be able to reproduce, and they'd probably find recruiting rather difficult, too.

Chris said...

Woo. Freakin'. Hoo.

And is it just me, or does the fact that it's even close in VA scare the crap out of you? It's like the 15% of folks who looked at Obama and Keyes and thought, "That Keyes guy's got some good ideas..."

That is all.

David said...

Yes, indeed!

Given all the voter suppression and other dirty tricks, the actual margin of Democratic victory must have been even more impressive.

I'm thinking of people like Rangel with committee chairmanships and subpoena powers and smiling happily.

I just don't want to see any ladylike or gentlemanly or magnanimous behavior.

Chris said...

Great googly-moogly! Two houses of Congress, the lion's share of the governorships, stem-cell research, gay rights, and now Rummy? Why, I hardly know what to do with myself!

Incidentally, a quick proofread led me to realize I'd initially typed "loin's share." I choose to see that as a commentary on the state of politics.

David said...

I'm actually having trouble feeling happy. I've been depressed for six years, and I'm having trouble getting out of the habit.

Things weren't all good here in Colorado, unfortunately. Most of the good guys won, but not all, and some nasty amendments and initiatives got through. Still, it's a big improvement.

Historically, Colorado has been middle of the road state, with frequent periods of being progressive, and occasional periods of being troglodytish. We seem to have just emerged from one of the later phases.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, :)

I found you on that top author blogs site... nice to have found you!


David said...

Welcom, Rashenbo. I hope you'll return (and I also hope I'll have posts worth returning for).

I've seen quite a few hits from that top authors blogs site. On one level, it makes me a bit uncomfortable. After all, I added my blog to the site myself, in effect saying, "This is a top author blog!" On the other hand, I'm happy to get hits.