Wednesday, October 11, 2006


In my last post, I should have added that I spent some of that non-writing time updating the SBOBU Economic Index page on my Web site.

This is an utterly unscientific, anecdotal, silly, trivial way of looking at U.S. unemployment that seems to mirror reality far more closely than the official numbers produced each month by the cynical data massagers of the Bush Administration (motto: "We're fascist swine, and that's just fine.").


Chris said...

I can only hope you're posting this from a secure, undisclosed location. There's no telling what the wrong sorts of people could accomplish, had they the means of manipulating the SBOBU.

David said...


Why, they could bring the US economy to its knees!

On the other hand, the Bushites seem to have done that already without any help from me.

On the third had, the hits on that essay are running behind average so far this month. I'm quite surprised by that.