Monday, October 16, 2006

A mere 400 words, boo hoo. However, that's partly because I spent much of tonight's writing time pondering names.

Earlier, I came up with Dolores as a new name for one character - a good name plotwise, but not a good name for that character. However, in the plot, she goes by two different names at different times, so I chose Delia for the other name. That one does fit her much better, and it's a name my wife, Leonore, suggested, so my using it will please her. That's always a good thing.

So she's Dolores in the 1930s and 1940s and Delia from the 1960s on (and on and on and on, but I don't want to get into all the details now). It makes me think of The Importance of Being Earnest - of being Jack in the country and Ernest in the city.

As to the number of words, it occurs to me that there've been a lot of periods in the past when I wrote only small amounts at a time and didn't write often enough. And yet those small bits added up to a fair number of complete novels. Many a mickle makes a muckle, as an old Scottish proverb supposedly says. Gotta keep mickling on.


Lahdeedah said...

Found your blog.

Never heard of a mickle.

I try to write four to six pages a day. Course, I just finished the first draft of my first novel (because one day I woke up and said, if i'm a writer, than clearly, I need to sit down and duh, write, besides what I did for work).

BUT anyhow, came by to say I enjoy your blog and web-page.

David said...

Welcome, lahbeedah.

How do you manage to keep two blogs going?

If I'm remembering correctly, a mickle is a little, and a muckle is a lot.

Four to six pages a day is good, and probably more than most of us manage. Jerry Pournelle, the science fiction writer, likes to point out that a page a day is a book a year, so you're well ahead of that.

Yes, I had that same light-bulb moment years ago. Nowadays, if too long goes by without me writing, I tell myself that I can't keep calling myself a writer if I'm not writing. Write, you twit, I tell myself.

Lahdeedah said...

You keep two blogs going by updating one daily, and blowing the other one off for months at a time :)

...and it's funny, your comment about if you go for too long not writing you tell yourself you can't call yourself a writer, because that's what I tell myself ha ha.

David said...

I'm new enough to blogging that I'm still intoxicated with the whole idea, but I can see how letting one slide for months can happen.

Although this one is tied directly to my writing, so it should only slide if the writing slides. Not quite the same thing as a more general blog, I guess.

George Orwell's motto was "Writers write." By which he meant that they don't talk about writing or think about writing. They write. I keep telling myself that.