Thursday, September 07, 2006

Zero writing today, but that's because I had e-mail to catch up on and a recorded TV show I want to watch tonight, so I'm giving myself a break.

I'm telling myself that writing is like lifting weights. An occasional break from the routine is actually beneficial. Lets the muscles/brain recuperate so that one can then go on to even greater heights of muscle/book building.

That almost makes sense.

Trollope would have sneered, assuming he did sneer, but gentlemen in his day didn't lift weights, so what did he know? Anyway, I just reread the quote, and he refers to a week passed with an insufficient number of pages, not a day. That's very sensible. Maybe he gave himself days off, too. Surely he did. He must have. He was prolific and disciplined but also very human, after all.

There. I've talked myself into it. Today is not an eye-blister day.


Gary Sloan said...


This is a great idea! Already I'm enjoying keeping track of your progress on Soldier of Time. It's also fun to hear some detail about your daily routine. Comments from other writers are enjoyable, too.

With every new insertion, something interesting results and often proves informative in the process of writing, which, as you know, I'm very hungry for.

Please excuse the heavy lean on your shoulders, but your inspiration often improves my own. Hearing your woes helps me understand my tough times and hearing from others is useful here too.

Congratulations on a clever idea very well presented. I look forward to visiting everyday and will from time to time add whatever measure of insight I can to what I read.

Yor are quite remarkable, you know. I truly hope you realize it.

David said...

Gary! Thanks for reading my (pretend-humble) blog.

It's certainly turning out to be a fun idea. One unforeseen very minor glitch is that Blogger lets you play around with the template, to change the appearance of the blog, and I have to keep myself from falling into the trap of playing with the template instead of adding words to the novel.

But I'm rationing myself. I just added the copyright notice and e-mail address at the bottom of the blog, and I'm answering your comment, and then I'm going back to work, dad-gum it. Fuelled by some tasty bourbon.

Anonymous said...


I hope you get what you want...