Sunday, September 17, 2006

Trollope didn't have a Web site to maintain, either. (Gee, I'm getting defensive.)

I was looking at stuff on my Web site and found numerous pages that were in need of major fixing, so I've been doing that instead of working on Time and the Soldier.

As it happens, in my day job, which is nominally tech writing, I've been spending a lot of time lately fixing up HTML pages, including adding some nifty JavaScript. I do enjoy that so much more than writing instructions about doing this or that. So I've been doing that kind of work all day, and then I'll be doing hours more of it in the evening. Life can be a bit odd.


Chris said...

I see the links section is growing! As long as the blue passages in the book are shrinking as well, good on you. And thanks for the well-wishes on the short story -- I'm glad it found a home.

Oh, and I got around to reading the rest of the rants on your conservative friend's page. I was happy to see you're in good company. It seems he's got crazy to spare...

David said...

The whacko is so sure about everything. I guess that comes with being a whacko.

Or is it wacko? I have trouble with that word. It's one of the things I'm not sure of, although I am sure that, however it's spelled, he is one.