Sunday, September 10, 2006

Not much in the way of words, so I won't record the pitiful number, but it wasn't a word-producing kind of day. I'm still looking for blue bits and getting rid of them, and it's feeling very much like a book at last.

One pleasant surprise concerned a scene I wrote a year or two ago and remember having a tough time with. At some later point, I reread it and added a blue note to myself that the scene was garbage and needed to be chucked and completely rewritten, in some undefined way that I wasn't kind enough to describe to myself in detail. Reading it again tonight, I decided that it's excellent as it stands, so instead of chucking the scene, I chucked the blue note. Take that! Whadda you know?

One curious thing I've noticed over the years, and I noticed it again tonight, is that when I reread material long after originally writing it, I can't see a difference between sections that flowed easily while I was writing them and sections that flowed like cold molasses. Fortunately, the ones the writing of which was labored aren't laborious to read. But perhaps I'm kidding myself.

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