Saturday, September 23, 2006


Why don't bloggers have links on their blogs that make it easy for people to spread the word about their blogs? I've been putting such a link on every page on my Web site for quite some time, and it's not uncommon on Web sites in general, but I don't see that in blogs. This blog has such a link now.

I've also added a link to Monkeys In My Pants, the blog of Mitch Wagner, a writer who makes his living as a computer journalist. I've known Mitch online for ages, but we've never met in the flesh - a phenomenon that seems to be very common in the modern world, thanks to the wonders of the InterWeb.

In a comment, Mitch handily solved the plot problem I was whining about in yesterday's post. In spite of that, I want to add something to that post. I had meant to include this at the time but forgot.

This plot trickiness of getting a character into a place that's difficult to get into doesn't seem to bother TV script writers at all. They just have the character appear where the plot requires him to be, wearing the appropriate costume or uniform, accepted by all the secondary characters as someone who should be there. Oh, yeah, he's just another cop/doctor/teacher/government official/superduper scientist. Treat him the way you treat all the others of that kind. I'm usually grudgingly willing to accept that for the sake of enjoying the show, but it still annoys me. Maybe I'm annoyed because a prose writer can't get away with that and has to come up with something at least partly convincing. Or should, anyway.


Chris said...

David --
I can see why you've been friends with Mitch for years! That's a hell of a fix. Instantly, when I read it, my mind spun off in about a half-dozen directions, pondering all the ways her ruse could come back to haunt her. Fantastic.

David said...

It's a great fix. As a result of Mitch's post, I now have a nicely evil scene in mind, and some creepy resonances and not-really-coincidences to add to the plotline.

Mitch is one of the good guys. The only flaw I've ever noticed in him is that in the past when we've disagreed about something, he has unaccountably refused to immediately acknowledge the superiority of my position. But even good guys can be perverse that way.