Thursday, September 14, 2006

Around 1800 words tonight, which is pretty good for one evening but not all that good given that I didn't write the two previous nights. I was working late because of a deadline at my paying job, and then I spent my free time vegging out in front of the TV as a way of recovering. That actually makes sense because the shows I was vegging out to were Eureka (science fiction) on Tuesday night and Blade (vampires) on Wednesday night. Recharging my batteries, you see.

I also hit the stationary bicycle last night. I need to hit it more often. It must have been resentful at being neglected, because in the middle of the night, it hit back with a really, really bad cramp in one of my thigh muscles. I know that I need aerobic exercise and mustn't limit myself to lifting weights, but, sigh, I enjoy lifting weights and I hate aerobic exercise and always have. It's like taking an awful-tasting medicine that you know is good for you, but it still tastes awful.

The blue chunk I eliminated tonight was another important section that I was a bit hesitant about attacking, but I think it worked out well. There are some nity (well, I think so) repetitions of scenes and themes covered earlier from a different pov. Tommy has gone back in time and manipulated the events that were described earlier from another pov, including his own earlier one. I'll admit upfront that there's an echo of the Back to the Future movies. I loved those movies, thought they were brilliantly done as well as very funny. Of course, there's nothing funny in Time and the Soldier. Just war and death and gore and violence. And a bit of sex.


Helen said...

Yeah, paying jobs - don't you just hate them? Can't work with them, can't live without them. 1800 words is good for an evening, regardless of what you did (or didn't do) the previous evening. If you had sat down to write both days, would you have managed 900 words a night? If you were tired, probably not. So you did good! It's all progress.

David said...

Thanks, Helen. Of course I should think about that way. I keep seeing the glass as half empty.

(Joke: Optimist sees glass as half full, pessimist sees it as half empty, engineer sees it as twice as large as it needs to be.)

It would be really depressing if I added up the hours of my life I've spent at my paying jobs. So much time that could have spent having a life!