Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coffee Party

I just went to a local Coffee Party meeting and left before it ended. Too weak, too diluted, too much emphasis on holding hands and playing nice and working together. It's not left or right, Republican or Democratic, not an answer to the Tea Party. It's just lots of good intentions and optimism.

Also, despite the lip service to the organization being grass roots and bottom up, the whole event was predetermined and dominated by the moderator and his script, which parroted what's on the Coffee Party Web site.

I want an organization that will tap into and represent the anger of the left. I don't know if such an organization would have a political impact, but I don't think the Coffee Party will, either.


Anonymous said...

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That Rebel with a Blog said...

Bummer. And I had such high hopes for Tea Party opposition. Wahhh.

David said...

Despite the name, the Coffee Party is careful to say that it's not intended as an opponent to the Tea Party. Which makes one wonder why they didn't choose a different name.

Maybe the current display of spine and enthusiasm by the Dems will last. If not, then there'll still be a need for an anti-Tea Party. It would have to get media attention, though. Fox made sure that the Tea Party did. I don't suppose any of the big networks would do that for an anti-Tea party.