Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Jews control the Federal Reserve

It must be true because a loud-mouthed old man said so.

This was in the breakfast room at the motel we were staying in last week in Santa Fe. The place was crowded. The old man and his wife were sharing a table next to ours with a couple of other travelers. He spent the entire breakfast explaining the world to his tablemates - and the rest of the room. He told everyone that, although few realize it, the Federal Reserve is not a government agency. So far, so good. Then he listed the suspicious last names of the people who were behind setting it up.

"Here we go," I said to my wife. "It's the old 'The Jews control the Federal Reserve' story."

The old guy lectured everyone that the Jews control the Federal Reserve. "So when the government used our money for the bail out," he said, "we were bailing out a bunch of Jews."

Some shit never does go down the toilet.


Anonymous said...

The Federal Reserve is Guilty of Helping Create the Global Financial Meltdown

Many investors and concerned citizens around the world are showing their outrage at what the Federal Reserve has done to the American economy with their easy money policies which caused the credit & real estate bubble and subsequent global financial meltdown.

Join the thousands who are signing & commenting on the Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at

Anonymous said...

I don't know who this porker "David" is, posting an ALLEGED statement by, what he calls "an old man," but ANY notion in anyone's brain that the fundamental idea of private moneychangers (and its historical roots at the Temple of Herod, and it current GROTESQUE manifestation at the US Federal Reserve) is not jewish just isn't worth talking to.

Are you listening "David"? What kind of whackie weed are you on?! Go back to your murderous zionist sewer called israel and murder some more innocent Palestinians, while you bulldoze their homes and labgel THEM "terrorists." Ok punk?

David said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh really David, then who the hell are these guys, you tell me where they "work" then.
Bernanke, Greenspan, Donald L. Kohn, Kevin M. Warsh, Randall S. Kroszner and Frederick S. Mishkin

David said...

You vermin just keep crawling out of the woodwork.

First, I don't know if all of those people are Jews. You can't always tell from the surname.

Second, it doesn't matter if they are Jews. The claim is that there's a conspiracy of, by, and for the Jews. In reality, there are social and historical reasons for a lot of Jews being in the financial professions. There's no conspiracy or collusion involved.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with anyone, no matter what therir race, but when they start bringing their ideology into politics, that's when I get concerned. let's not confuse Jews with Zionists, remember David that Zionist ideology is only 100 years old, Jews have have been around a little longer.

Just because one is Jewish doesn't mean their radical ideology is sound.

Is Zionism really all that Kosher?

David said...

Anonymous, what does any of that have to do with the Federal Reserve?

syiarislam said...

The Jews Control Money, US Government, and the World

Why the US Government keep supporting Israel though Israel kill Palestinian women and children?

Why the US Government keep supporting Israel though Israel kill Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American woman in Gaza?

Why when an American citizen, 19 year old Furkan Dogan killed by multiple gunshots by Israel soldiers in Mavi Marmara, the US vice president, Joe Bidden only say “So what’s the big deal here?”

Supposed the killer is Iranian, Iraqi, or Afghan, I believe the US government will send troops immediately…

The answer is that the Jews controlling US money through the Fed and controlling the world via IMF and World Bank.

Well, before you accuse me as a paranoid or a conspiracy nut, just take a look at AIPAC stands for The American Israel Public Affairs Committee. America’s Pro Israel Lobby. The Israel/Jewish lobby is do exist in US. Their task is to support Israel/Jews at any cost including twisting the facts or editing the video like Jewish Movie Maker Stephen Spielberg does so Israel who slaughter Palestinian people (including women and children) look like hero while the victims look like terrorists.

Former Malaysian PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad acknowledged about Jews control while Nobel Prize winner, Joseph Stiglitz acknowledged that IMF and World Bank are making the people poorer.

The Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the Jewish family: the Rothschild and the Rockefeller. With the Fed, the Jews could print US dollar as much as they want. They could buy any companies so the media and movie companies owned by the Jews. They also could finance the American would be president’s campaign so whoever elected as US president will become a Jews’ servant. Not serving US people. That is why many US citizen become unemployment, while US government keep sending billions of dollars to build Israel army.

Look the video below:

Who elect the Federal Reserve Bank leader? Not US people and not also the US president. It is owned by the Jews. Bernanke the current leader of the Fed and also Alan Greenspan the former leader of the Fed are Jews!

Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild:

“”I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …

The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

The Rothschild not only owned the Fed, but also Bank of England. The British money!

Read more at:

David said...

I'm leaving such posts here because they illustrate so well the verminous nature of the posters.

TGirsch said...

Also, the Mexicans are colluding to corner the market on landscaping services.

Anonymous said...

The existence of a pro-whatever lobby doesn't prove there's a conspiracy. There are also lobbies for most other countries, companies, industries and ethnic groups.

People and businesses grouping together to further their best interests is also not a conspiracy, it's how "free-for-all" politics works.

Now, if we just had a lobby for regular hard-working law-abiding people (of all races/colors/ethnicities -- doesn't matter), that would be nice. The only way to beat these nameless mostly-imaginary conspiracies, is to join one.

scott vee said...

A good example of the paranoid conspiracy-seeking process at work.

You tell a simple anecdote, and some guy comes along and says there was no old man. In fact, I now doubt that you were ever in Santa Fe. (Any receipts you show me must be forgeries.) You probably don't even have a wife. (I know you do, because I've talked to y'all at Milehicon a few times, but still.)

It must be true because a loud-mouthed Anonymous person said so. And anyone who dares to doubt an unfounded conspiracy theory MUST be a supporter of that conspiracy. There can be no middle ground.

As you said, Some shit never does go down the toilet. It's embarrassing that this self-perpetuating nonsense still has so much hold on people in the so-called Information Age. Or the Disinformation Age, if that sounds better. Yes, it's hard to know what sources to trust.

It's easy to take a bunch of real events and spin a yarn about some sinister group. And it's sad how many authors make a living by spewing out books full of disconnected paranoid drivel (and scary how convincing they can be). But fiction doesn't dictate reality. Neither does anonymous flaming, or websites full of gibberish, or the rants of old men in non-existent hotels. I doubt you all! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous posting is so cowardly.

Anonymous said...

David, your time is coming again. Your kind have been expelled from many countries, empires long, long ago. This trand will repet itself - US Government will become a sole boss of its money and they way they print it. It's funny how much the zionists (jews) believe they can fool us. Just because we keep quite and let you ruin the American wealth does mean we are not aware of your games and your hatred towards humanity.

I presonally can't wait to join in and if i come across you you'd wish you were never born to be a part of the satanic group. Enjoy your day while you can

Anonymous said...

Walk it off, lampshade!

David said...


Goy said...

What people are talking about are FACTS and you reply only using "victimization" terms. Nobody is anti Semitic in the US. He is indeed telling you that according to the definition of the federal reserve, this organization is apparently "private" and visibly those companies such as ROTHSCHILD, WARBURG, LAZARD, GOLDMAN SACHS (8 companies), are just not American and of "Jewish" extraction. What s the problem with that ? and what s your rebuttal ? Please address the substance and leave the shape alone.