Friday, October 05, 2007

How not to query an agent

One of the many ways, anyway. This example is on agent Kristin Nelson's excellent blog.

Darn. Now I have to revise that query letter I was working on!


Chris said...

Well then who, exactly, are you SUPPOSED to threaten?

(Oh, and for all the crazies who might think that a perfectly valid question, so very kidding.)

David said...

A while ago, if I'm remembering correctly, Kristin mentioned someone coming to her building and hanging out in the lobby, or something like that, trying to pressure her into looking at his material.

Considering that we both work in downtown Denver, I'm so glad I read that post in time. Whew.

Chris said...

Okay, I started out writing a joke response about a long, involved con to get your ms in her hands. Halfway through, I deleted it. Agents have enough trouble with the nuts out there already -- I wouldn't feel right putting ideas in their heads. I mean, seriously, I have no idea why manners and common-sense are jettisoned as soon as these folks type "THE END".

Chris said...

Of course, I'm not saying YOU'RE crazy. Just to be clear. But who knows what lurkers you've attracted?

David said...

Don't worry, I realized you weren't referring to me. :)

I've heard some very strange stories over the years about how agents and editors have been approached. No doubt they're all nervous at the slightest sign of weirdness.